Wednesday, 16 May 2018

I'm terrible but yeaah!

So thought I'd write a little update! So at the end of Janurary I accomplished one of my 2018 goals rather early on in to the year!

There it literally nothing more satisfying than getting back to the test centre, parking the car and then being told Congratulations! I was over the moon for finally achieving my goal and never havng to grace another bus to get to and from work ever again! Which trust me is a excellent thing as buses round here are terrible.

If you have read my 'goals' post you'd have read that I wanted a Citreon C1, didn't quite get one but I got a Toyota Aygo and they're pretty similar cars to be perfectly honest! But I love my little meep (that's its name!) yes I am one of those that has named her car! It also sits a Zippy and Pusheen on its dashboard too as it has a little hole/spot in the centre! But I'm loving being able to drive wherever I want haven't braved anywhere too far mainly just work and to my parents so far but I'm sure I will get the nerve to travel a bit further eventually! Especially now that I travel to work via the motorway every morning now! However first time going on the motorway was a bit nerve wracking but once on it, it was an absolute breeze!

As always I haven't stuck to blogging weekly but I'm feeling a lot happier and more motivated nowadays since losing some weight and starting to exercise on a morning before work! I started running (well, I say running its run run run. walk walk walk but my cardio is slowly improving and I find now I am running a lot more than I need to walk so, yay!) and recently introduced weights as well as HIIT workouts too! So, yay! However I'm not promising cause it's me and I forget about this 9 times out of 10!

So for now tata and may you'll hear from me in the not so distant future!

Katiee! x

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