Monday, 16 January 2017

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me and no one knows. #21.

Reading - My Mad Fat Diary - Rae Earl
Listening - Nothing
Smiling - I'm not I'm pretty sure I have an ear infection *cries*
Wearing - Pjs
Craving - Being able to hear again properly as after nearly a week it's getting annoying now.
Watching - YouTube videos with the other half.
Thinking - why do I always get ill:(
App - tumblr or Pinterest have been getting a lot of use lately. (:

Sorry this has been quite a moany 'currently' post but I'm feeling like poo because of not being very well. I need to go the doctors but as usual I can get an appointment til next week. *cries* so I'm hoping it goes away soon cause it's making my whole left side of my face hurt when it's being really bad. I'm sure I'll be alright. I'll plod through as I alway do. :)
Hope you don't mind it's been a moany one this time. Hahah.


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