Thursday, 25 August 2016

Whats in my handbag?!

- River Island Tan Bag -
- Umbrella, cause lets face the weather has been a bit wet up north recently. -
- Water, attempted to drink more of this than pop! -
- Deodorant and body spray. -
- Pen -
- Sunglasses and case because as well as being abit wet, it starts wet then gets out sunny by dinnertime, yay! said no one ever! -
- My very battered River Island purse, I really need a new one! -
- Vaseline, tissues, charging plus (with no wire apparently, don't ask) -
- Keys, with fluffy keyring, Far Away perfume, and paracetamol -
- Simba shopping bag (it folds out!) and my headphones.


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