Tuesday, 5 July 2016

You stick around to watch it fall even when I'm building up these walls #18

Reading - 13 Blue Little Envelopes.
Listening - My spotify playlist which has a little bit of everything in it from emo and rock and all the way to pop.
Smiling - Cause it's been raining however its gone really warm all of a sudden again :(
Wearing - Pjs, soon to be jegging and a cute tee as going out for a carvery for tea, yay!
Craving - I was craving chocolate so made a lovely hot chocolate and its worked, hurrah!
Watching - Top Gear Episode (Old ones obviously).
App - Neko Atsume I am absolutely obsessed!
Pinterest -
As you may be able to tell by the quotes, I'm currently on a health kick and trying to attempt to be one of those people who can go for a run on a morning. I shall keep you updated with my journey to a better and healthier (and hopefully slightly skinnier and more toned ;) I can dream anyway :)


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