Monday, 18 July 2016

Update #2

- I haven't really been up too much recently except work, trying to eat better and trying to keep up my running every other day before work! It's been a bit hitty and missy but it's working I can tell a slight difference with my overall cardio. Yaaay!

-My niece also starts nursery this coming September! I swear she was only born 5 minutes ago, she's now nearly three. Where the hell has the last three years gone, please?! But she's such a loving little girl, albeit a drama queen at times (good a throwing tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants, haha).

- I've also for the last 2 and a bit weeks not drank any full fat coke/pop at all as I had still been having the occasional can/small bottle when I fancied. I still drink low sugar/calorie pop but other than that its mainly water, tea and green tea I'm drinking. I can definitely feel a difference, my skin is also even starting to improve which I think is probably a mixture of eating better, exercising and not drinking nothing but crap. But apart from the odd major spot every now and then at that lovely time of the month, my skin is the clearest it's been in years! Woohoo!

- Oooh, also for the Mr's birthday we're going to see Ross Noble at Newcastle. It's not until December but I am SOOO freaking excited to finally see him live! I've been wanting to for yeaaars! The Mr's also debating on buying tickets to see Roy Chubby Brown too as he's going to be live at Sunderland but we shall have to see. :)

- I think that is about it for now, just thought I'd drop by and a do a little update and try and stick to blogging weekly I am determined to try and do it. Also debating on buying a tripod in order to do outfit posts, so I can easily do OOTD's but we shall see.

My little princess (shit) who's no longer with us but she just popped up on my timehop :( PS yes that is me with bright blue hair and a nose stud (I miss my nose stud)

What have you's all been up too recently, anything exciting?


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