Thursday, 16 June 2016

Update! #1

I've been away a while, I've always meant to post but the thing we call life always got in the way as always. As you may know I currently studying a BSc Psychology degree via Open University whilst working as well as living with the Mr in our own flat so it was imperative that I was still able to work whilst studying.
I'm also saying this as if I've always been someone who posted regularly, I haven't, chances are I never will because I'm just that type of person, terrible, haha.

But my plan is as I've finished Uni now until October that IF I manage to get myself in a routine now over the summer (not that the sun has shined for about a week!)that I may be able to carry it on through habit when Uni eventually starts up again. We shall see, I plan on trying to at least post twice a week, with a bit of luck I should be able to manage that!

On another note and another update I have finally restarted learning to DRIVE!! Yay, go me! It's a long time coming, trust me. I did originally start my driving lessons when I was 18ish I think (FYI I'm 24 now) and then I only had about 8 hours (equivalent to 4 lessons) but long story short I didn't get on with my driving instructor this time round though hes really nice and I get on well with. Currently had 10 hours about to buy another 10 hours (lessons really aren't cheap either *cries*) but my aim (which I haven't actually told anyone else) is to be passed before my Uni year restarts. So I have 4 more month to hopefully pass within! Hahah. We shall see if I manage it.

How cute is my wee man!?


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