Friday, 25 March 2016

March Favourites #1

- I thought I would start to do my monthly favourites a month! This month my favourites were my loose tea leaves from Whittards which were a lovely present from my Other half as I had recently started reducing the amount of pop I was drinking and trying to drink more tea and water. I have to admit I didn't expect as much a difference in taste between a normal tea bag and the tea leaves but there is a massive difference!

- I recently discovered this deodorant as I had just finished by usual spray deodorant and had decent I wanted to try a stick one and found this one on offer in Asda so decided to give it ago! Have to say I really fell in love with it smells lovely as I barely ever feel sweaty after using even after a busy hectic day at work (I work in a hotel so it can get pretty hectic especially in holidays!)

- Lotus biscuits are the most delicious biscuits I have ever tried then I discovered this! This is delicious its nice on toast, its nice with ice cream. It's even nice to have a cheeky spoonful out the jar ;)

- Oreos Double Stuffed, these are so much more nicer than the normal Oreos I think it's because there is more filling so they're not as dry. As I find normal Oreos too dry to eat.

- Reasons to Stay Alive - Matt Haig. It was a book that spoke to me on many levels. I read in a couple days but I really enjoyed it and found it so so interesting. As well as agreeing with Matt that people who suffer with mental illness shouldn't feel ashamed to for who they are and there shouldn't be a stigma attached to mental illnesses. As many many people suffer with various mental illnesses at some point in their lives.

- Finally, I love this eye shadow palette I don't I've ever fallen in love so badly with an eye shadow palette. I use this nearly everyday (or at least every day I get up early enough for work to put make up on, haha) but I use it every time I wear make up. It's a really nice palette. :)


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