Thursday, 22 October 2015

Intergalactic Lush Bath Bomb.

This is a very minty smelling bath bomb, it all I could particularly smell, but apparently there is also Grapefruit Oil but it's mainly a minty fresh smell. It also produces the most fantastical coloured, sparkly water ever!
I very much enjoyed watching the bomb fizz and the explode all the pretty colours! Although there is glitter in there and you get covered in glitter that sticks to you ever after you're out the bath and clothed. It's very very fine glitter and doesn't irritate you. (I normally have very temperamental skin and the slightest thing will set it off, I am pleased to say this didn't :)).

What is your current favourite of Lush?
My all time favourite is the Butterbear which is exactly the same as Butterball (which I'm not sure is all year round or is that just Christmas too?) I'm not sure, forgive me if it is, I know for definite the Butterbear is. Just not 100% on the Butterball

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