Sunday, 27 September 2015 Review

As I recently, finally, had my eye test that was well over due! Rather than getting my glasses from the shop I usually go too for my eye exam. I decided to try one of the cheaper (I do mean ALOT cheaper) alternative online.
It was first my partner who suggested that I tried ordering some glasses online rather than just getting them from a shop, as there is a huge price difference.

In total I paid 25.95 altogether for my order from and that include TWO pairs of glasses which totalled to £20! It was the postage that was 5.95, although I usually don't like paying that much for ANY postage fees, but as the glasses were so cheap I decided to take the hit for the postage but I got a dispatched email 2 days before they arrived so they came pretty quickly after receiving the dispatched email which I was quite impressed with!

Aren't they lush, I especially love the leopardy spot ones! :)

AND, finally here's a picture of me wearing both glasses! I can't actually decide which ones I prefer to be perfectly honest! I think I may slightly prefer the leopardy print one but that because I LOVE all things leopard print haha!

So overall, I'd definitely give them a try if you want a decent cheap alternative in comparison to the high premium you can sometimes pay in stores. They also do designer frames too at a discounted rate too so if you're into your designer glasses they're a good place to check out too! :)


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