Monday, 13 July 2015

Listen to your heart #11 + Update :)

Reading - A Tiny Bit Marvelous - Dawn French, really enjoying it so far.
Listening - Nothing.
Smiling - Spending the weekend with the other half :)
Wearing - Pjs.
Craving - Nothing, really.
Netflix - We've watched alsorts really, we're currently rewatching IT Crowd, but today alone we've also watched Shawshank Redemption and Fed Up (which is documentary about childhood obesity epidemic in America.
Pinterest -
How cute are those dogs though, right?

- A few things have been happening the last few months, (I'm not gonna make the usual promise that I'm gonna try to blog more often, I think that's something that may never happen.)
- But I've completed and passed my first year of university :D :D :D you have NO idea how happy this has made me that I have managed to pass everything, whilst this module doesn't actually count towards my degree classification I had to pass this year to enable me to go on to my second year, where I've decided to do two modules from October. Which is either gonna make me or break me, possibly the latter, but fingers crossed it doesn't and I can become SUPER organised haha.
- My boyfriend also has a pretty little car now too, although he may not say its pretty, but hey ho. It's just a little thing as that's all we need as it's only us two, but it's super exciting that we can now do things and not worry about buses anymore! :D
- We're also planning to be moving, probably closer to the end of this year rather than soon, but hey, we've gotta save up for things, haha :)
- Also soon it's my nieces 2nd birthday! Where the hell have the last 2 years gone, please?! But she's a little beauty with her blonde curly hair and always smiling! Little terror mind, but lush nonetheless.
- I also recently treat myself to a New 3DS so if any of you have any game recommendations, feel free to hit me up with them!


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