Friday, 5 June 2015

Outside the window with two fingers to show, she lifts her head up just to blown the smoke #10

I've been away for a good few months, I don't really have much of an excuse apart from being really busy with life, work and then uni work too. But I'm finished my first module now so I'm now free from uni work until October when I've decided to study two modules at the same time! Pray for me, I'm hoping I can manage it so I can complete my degree within 4 years rather than 6. :)
Reading - Nothing currently actually, I've just finished Tanya Burrs book, which I quite enjoyed and read it over an afternoon! :)
Listening - YouTube videos as watching them on my tv whilst browsing the interwebs on my laptop :)
Smiling - Cause I have a day of and it's being spent on the couch having a pjs day!
Wearing - As previously stated above, PJ's.
Craving - Chocolate, but trying to cut out crap so probably best I have none in the flat.
Netflix - Currently working my way back through Dr Who! :)
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