Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas 2014!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and Santa spoiled all of you! I was definitely spoilt! :)

The Mr and me hosted our first Christmas in our own flat for my family, with him cooking everything. He did a fantastic job! Everything was made from scratch. The Mr is an trained Army chef, so he's good at portions for big groups as altogether there was 7 of us at ours! It was a fantastic day.

We started our day by getting up early, well I did, the Mr actually failed to get to bed in the first place he sat up all night on his computer. We opened our own presents which we bought each other and I opened my presents from my second Mama (close friend who I worked with in my first job!). We then lounged about until it was an acceptable hour to pop to his Mams. :)

My parents, sister, her partner and daughter came over at 12ish, we then had a lovely day with lots of food, playing with our niece, and spending time with our family! :)

I got alsorts as well as since buying myself yet more books because, clearly I needed more. Hahah. I got a lovely hamper time present from my sister and bro in law, which included hot chocolate, lindt chocolate bear, gingerbread and caramel syrup, ed hardy perfume (which is my favourite perfume only one I never get bored of!) and some eyeliner set from Make Up Revolution!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and an equally fantastic New Year! Here's to 2015! May everything go your way!



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