Monday, 15 December 2014

Birthday Shenanigans!

Although I may be a bit late doing this post as my birthday was nearly a fortnight ago, but never mind, better late than never! Although I didn't do much mainly spent time with the other half! Which was mainly lazy days watching movies/tv series with a lot of ket and a takeaway!

Also went to the Metro with my Mama&Papa, Sister and my little beauty of a niece! Which obviously made time for a obligatory stop at Lush! which is where I got my birthday present from my Mama&Papa! Which I was naughty and forgot to get a picture, oops! But I'm sure you've seen them everywhere before!

As I had birthday money from my Auntie also, I treat myself to a Stars Wars cup with a straw which also has a Storm Trooper figure on the straw! Harry Potter top and trackie bottoms from Primark! Couldn't resist them, they were definitely coming home with me one way or another!

Oh and I treat myself to Yankee Candle, Fireside Treats which smells divine! I have it lit most evenings once I'm home from work. I'm hoping someone nice to buy me another! Hehe.

Lastly I treat myself to some Kindle books, possibly too many for one transaction but hey ho, can never have too many books! Or atleast that's what I tell myself repeatedly! I like to read, what can I say!? These were Jon Richardson, Dead Letters Sent, If I Stay, Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, and Notes to My Mother in Law. They were all 2.99 or under so, really I can't complain at all! :) (I did a post previously with my TBR which these were included so if you want/need authors names go check this out!)


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