Saturday, 7 June 2014

Lazy Saturdays!

As I write this I am sat on my couch watching the time until I have to get ready to set off to go over my parents so I can get to work on time on Sunday! The absolute joys of Sunday service, my first bus where I live isn't til 10am, I start work at 9.30! Yay, for working weekends. I really need something else or the other half to get better paid so I can be a lady of leisure ;).

But yes we've had a nice morning of watching Rick & Mort, which was a newish cartoon the Mr had been recommended to watch. It was really good, was quite sad that they've only so far released one series! But apparently there's one planned for the end of this year or early next year! Woo! I love cartoons, my favourites are Adventure Time, Scooby Doo, and Regular Show. As you can tell, you can completely tell I am 22! Hahah.

As I haven't really done much apart from spend time with the other half, watching cartoons or YouTube and generally talking theres not a lot else to say, however I will add some pictures!

Oh yeah, I'm also now blonde, possibly the closest I've been to natural for over 4/5 years! It's simply cause whilst I'm growing it out. It's much easier and less hassle if its all one colour. Once it's to the length I want it you may be saying bright colours again!

and here's a picture of my little man sound asleep on his chair haha.

How have you spent your weekend so far? Having fun, I hope so! :)


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