Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Live for today and not tomorrow It's still the road that never ends.

Reading. Inadequate - Nicole Lockhart.
Watching - Catching up with YouTube videos :)
Smiling About - Honestly, smiling about the future.
A few internet finds - I have a small addiction to Pinterest so here's a few of my pins!

A few personal goals - I have recently decided that I am going to study at OU to obtain a degree. I haven't fully decided yet what to study, I have narrowed it down to either Psychology or Teaching Assistant.
But I have decided to do it as I want to be able aim towards getting myself some sort of career rather than dead end jobs within Retail I don't enjoy anymore. I also mean no offence to anyone who enjoys working within Retail, it just isn't for me not for the long run. I'm only 22, I still have all the time in the world to find the career path I want, but my aim to finally do something about it, rather than just say I'm going too.

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