Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hair Update. :)

Yeah, I know I'm forever changing my hair, this time I'm attempting to make it more a pastel lilac, whether or not it takes over my pastel green colour I don't know, but you'll soon find out as I'm about to do it ;)
Heres a photo to how my hair looks before!

My hair is also getting longer, whoo! Even despite me bleaching it (ooops, very naughty of me) still growing and not all the dry try, hail to deep conditioners!

Hair is now lilac-y. I think it still has a hue of green in certain bits, which hopefully with the help of my purple shampoo, and possibly another box of L'Oreal Feria Pastel Toning Conditioner, I used the Lilac Lavender one! I think considering my hair colour it's done a really good job I wasn't expecting it to take so well.

I hope you enjoyed this little hair update, have you ever tried any of the Feria toning conditioners, or any toners before?


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