Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Current Hair Colour. :)

I'm known by anybody who knows or sees me regularly that I tend to dye my hair occasionally... okay, a lot! What can I say? I really like having my hair bright or odd colours! Luckily for me right now, my current employers (my last employers didn't either, and I know I've been really lucky on that front as many people aren't that lucky) don't mind my 'crazy' hair colours.
Which I'm pleased about as it would kind of suck if they did, as then I'd have to be natural and I hate having my hair a natural colour. Or at least my own natural colour, I used to be blonde whilst I was little, but after I hit my teens my hair went more of a blonde/brown ashy colour and I really don't like it. Although no offense meant to anyone who is naturally that kind of colour, I just personally don't like it.

My hair is currently a pale green colour, which since I did it, I couldn't decided whether or I not I actually like it. I don't think I do. So I have ordered some more hair dye to go back blue as for some reason I like being bright blue, it's been the only consistent colour of late. I used to really like red and pink but they both fade really quickly, and the blue doesn't or at least it doesn't seem to as quickly for me.

My hair is also getting long, it's longest its been in a couple years, but I'm determined to get it long again, for me to probably get bored with again and chop it all off again and the cycle repeats, hahah.
But yes, thats the current hair colour, until the new hair dye arrives in the post :)

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