Friday, 7 February 2014

A little book haul #1

So I had a spare voucher left over from Christmas I decided to go in to Waterstones where I couldn't decide what I wanted then I saw a stand with all John Green books, then saw Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan I then was spoilt for choice. 
I eventually decided on these two:-

I also ended up having a small discussion with the sales assistant in Waterstones who was really nice. As he'd asked if I'd read any John Green books before which I had and he said that Paper Towns was one of his favourites so looking forward to that. He also suggested me trying David Levithan too so I shall next time I go buying books. He was really nice and friendly! 

I'm currently reading the Eleanor & Park its really good. I also love the way it flicks from Eleanors side to Parks side of the story really like that. Not that far throygh but I don't expect it to last the weekend as I'm off! Haha. 

Have you read these before, if so did you enjoy them, let me know? 

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