Friday, 10 January 2014

I'll look at you with that same old smile.

I recently discovered these questions via the lovely Danielle over at Underland to Wonderland!
I was thinking of doing them as a daily question, but I have a feeling I will forget to do it, so I will post a few of them on a weekly basis. The questions are designed to make you think.
So let's start!

1. When was the last time you tried something new?
Thinking about it, I literally have no idea. I lack self confidence and suffer anxiousness/anxiety when trying things out of my comfort zones.

2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?
I always tell friends not to compare themselves to other people, that they're gorgeous and perfect the way they are, yet I'm most guilty of doing this. Whether its a actress/celebrity to an alt model.

3. What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?
Something that my Grandypops has always said to me, 'the only thing people die of is lack of breath' and with that is entirely right so why dwell and not live life while you're still breathing. :)

4. What gets you excited about life?
Music, photographs, and drawing being creative and most recently my gorgeous niece! Who next month will be 6 month old, and that has flown over!

5. What life lesson did you learn the hard way?
Without going too much detail I learned the hard way that boys can be nasty when they don't get what they want, and it is never okay to remain and think you deserve to be in a relationship where you're being made to feel like poo.

6. What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?
Not worry about what will happen after school, and don't do something because you're scared to do something different from your 'school' friends, cause in reality you're likely to make new ones, and not have that much contact with them eventually as thats what happened to me as I did something completely different and I don't regret it. I wish I'd stuck in more, but I wish I'd done that at school also, but when there's important work to be done for a grade, my life has a habit of chucking things in to throw me off. (Btw I did still come out with good grades from both school and college, despite obstacles).

7. Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?
I probably settle for what I know more than often rather than ask questions, not because I'm not interested or that I don't want to know more, it's just I'm too shy and I clam up and get nervous so I tend to just stick to what I know and if I don't know. I go to trust ol' google.

8. Who do you love and what are you doing about it?
My other half, who I have been with 5 years on the 9th of December this year, and we're planning on moving out hopefully within the new year, or maybe just before with a bit of luck! We've been through some crap together but come through the other side and been together ever since! He's not just boyfriend, he's my best friend, he's someone I never tire of being with, and the only person who can make me laugh when I'm down or pissed off. Even if it's him I'm pissed with which he finds hilarious haha. <3

9. What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?
I'm 11not really sure tbh, although I do believe in karma, massively, if someones wronged you just wait, karma will come back and bit them on the ass soon enough, just be patient. But I'm pretty sure there's plenty people who believe the same!

10. What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?
Start a new job, and not be as shy and quiet as I was when I first started in X Catalogue Shop nearly 4 years ago now. Those ladies helped bring me out of my shell a little more, may also made me a little more cheeky too, but I know where to draw the line ;) heheh.