Saturday, 7 December 2013

Birthday Surprises!

I actually had this post pretty much wrote out on my phone, but then the Blogger app on my iPhone decided to crash and shut down. I did put it off but I decided no, I will re write it's just annoying when it happens, does the app do this to anyone else, or is it just my iPhone being silly?

Any way it was my birthday December 2nd! I managed to already have my birthday money from my auntie and parents so I was able to go purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0" from Argos as they currently have/had an offer where it was £139.99 and with that you received the tablet BUT.. you also got £40 in Argos vouchers back also! How cool is that, essentially making the tablet a £100! Bargain or what?! I thought it was but there we go! :)

My boyfriend also very kindly bought me the new Kat Von D book, Go Big or Go Home! Any one who knows me knows I am a massive fan or KVD's (I would love to try her make up range but unfortunately it isn't available in the UK, which sucksss) Her name also inspires my name of my blog although it originally inspired my tumblr, I just then decided to make everything the same name!
He also bought me some Adventure Time badges to pin on to my Yoshi bag! :)

We were also meant to go out for a meal on the evening of my birthday but unfortunately the other half managed to get food poisoning from the meal he attended on the Sunday. :( So we didn't end up going for a meal, however we did have takeaway! We're also going out for a meal on the 9th as it's also our 5 year anniversary! We don't usually celebrate our anniversaries with anything other than maybe a pub meal or takeaway but this year we decided to go out somewhere really nice since its 5 years and all ;)

This is the pattern of the dress I was planning on wearing on the Monday night ;)!

My sister also very kindly bought me some Soap and Glory things, I picked them but never the less I thought I was picking them for Christmas! But the sly thing gave them for my birthday :D. Two of the items were from the Sugar Crush range, the scrub and the shower gel with the pump. I think both of these things smell divine, you just wanna eat 'em! I also got the Shampoo which I have to admit is making my hair feel so nice and actually giving it some life, even though I'm trying to ignore that it needs dying yet aaagain! (Suppose thats what you get for having you're hair blue!)

Also have a picture of our little cutie, Sam x

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