Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Birthday Wishlist

As you can see theres various items I want from the Adventure Time fandom I love Adventure Time it's the best cartoon ever! I love all the character but my favourites are Jake, Marceline and Space Princess Lumpy! If you've never watched it before I highly suggest that you do cause it's hilarious. If you enjoy that check out Regular Show too because thats just as good! They're both from Cartoon Network.

There are various dresses because my other half is taking me out for a nice meal for my birthday next Monday! I'm not entirely sure where yet as he won't tell me, but he has said that he may wear dress trousers rather than jeans for a change :)

So that's all for now, I will hopefully update you with a OOTD post from Sunday(also going out for the other halves step dads birthday as well) and Monday hopefully I shall remember but if I don't I shall definitely let you know how my birthday went, yay! :)

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