Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blue Hair!

This is the best photo I have currently of said blue hair. So, yeah. I'm back blue, which is something I've been craving since I died my hair back red from black. 
Which usually the dreaded change from black/dark brown to blonde is a terrible and traumatic experience. 
Except for once it really wasn't. 
I used Jerome Russels Bblonde hair bleach for dark hair. It really brought the colour straight out my hair. It was fantastic. Obviously, yes it still went orangy in bits but it's definitely the best hair bleach I've used by far! :) 
So I would definitely recommend used that hair bleach if you want to go lighter, add a bit of a bonny colour to your hair, I'd definitely recommend using Jerome Russels Bblonde hair bleach for dark to medium hair. :)

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