Saturday, 20 July 2013

Everyone's Facing Changes.

After deciding a few month ago I wanted to grow my hair, I decided this week, I didn't. It was looking horrible and really dry. So I decided to make a hair dressers appointment and go short again!!

As usual I was told several times by my hairdresser, 'you suit short hair, Katie, you really do!' which I kinda do. I've had it all sorts of various ways. But it does make me smile when she says it. Any way, I'd taken a photo along as I always do and we base the haircut from that photo. I usually get told to stop bleaching my hair as that really doesn't help it. But for a change as I was a natural colour for a change! She told me why don't you leave it this colour, and let it grow and see what it looks like as it'll grown much better now that all the split ends and such are gone.
I'm honest and open, I've gave my hair a good whacking over the years, which bleach, and changed from black to blonde/ginger, red, blue, purple, pink, and everything in between those colours as well.
What can I say, I liked having my hair bright colours, it made me feel happy so I always did it. Much to my mothers disgust. She never like my hair bright obnoxious colours. But I did so I never listened. Hehe.
But I have had my hair a natural colour for the last 3 months-ish. I am also thinking of leaving it a natural colour and letting my actually real hair colour come through. But, don't quote me on it. As I'm not likely to stick to it! Haha.

But yes, I am now short again. I will post a picture of both my hair previously and my hair now. As this is what the aim of this whole post was, and I ended up having a bit whine too. :)

This was my hair before, as you can see from the photo my ends are quite dry and horrible! Which is why I couldn't grow it out properly.

This is my hair now! Lovely and short once more! Hopefully I shan't do anymore damage to my poor locks, but right now I feel like staying short for a while, but again, don't quote me on it as I am excellent at changing my mind and going and doing something drastic with my hair. ;)

P.S Bonus points, if anyone knows where the lyrics in the title is from. ;)

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