Monday, 3 June 2013

Update :)

Hi all,
I have been quite absent of recent. But I've been a busy bee and trying to sort out a few things.
I've recently been employed by another company more full time, whereas I was previously only contracted to 8 hours to the job I've left this weekend.
I'm going to miss them, they were all really kind and lovely to me. But they were also really kind and bought me a leaving present. A 40 pound Cuba Lilly voucher and a chocolate plaque with good luck and good bye on it:) which I thought was really nice as they didn't have too but they did.
With the voucher I ended up buying myself a new pandora bracelet, one of the triple leather ones, as I wanted something I could wear all the time. I've put one charm on it, the one they bought me for my 21st! So it's all from them. My lovely second family. Who I've been threatened a few times this weekend with death or being hunted down if I don't go visit them. Silly people I'm going to to visit them. Even if its to go bug 'em hahahah. :)

There's my presents. :)
Again, I'm going to miss working them lot, but I know they'll always be there. :')

Location:Broom Crescent,Bearpark,United Kingdom

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