Sunday, 30 June 2013

Avon: Opal Top Coat: Opalesce.

I personal love Avon products, and I've only recently this year started using them. As my sister became a Avon Representative!
But seriously, one of my all time favourite eyeliners are from there! (It's a lovely eyeliner, I shall do a post, soon!)

I have an obsession with nail varnishes, I really need to stop buying them but I see pretty colours and just can't resist buying them! If it's a pretty colour, I'm sold! Haha.
I'm afraid that is what had me sold on this, I thought it looked soo pretty, and as its a top coat I thought, ooh I have just the nail varnish already that this would look beautiful over top of!

Look how pretty it looks! (With/Without Flash)

Unfortunately, despite how pretty it looks within the bottle, it doesn't go on the nail like you thought it would. The glitter/shimmer-ry bits don't transfer on to the nail, which is really disappointing, as I love it! It tends to just to go on clear, with the odd bit of shimmer/glitter :(

Has anyone else had this, and is it the same? Or has anyone had a similar kind of nail varnish and have any suggestions what to do to prevent the bits of glitter not transferring on to the nail?

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