Monday, 10 June 2013

8.Top 3 Favourite Blogs & 9. Your Favourite Quote.

So, I can finally catch, and actually just post once a day, I'm included these two together :)

Right, so my favourite 3 Blogs.
I love her blog, I love the way she writes, and communicates with her readers, as well as her fantastic photos of everything. I actually only recently started reading her blog but I was on their for hours, although I was subscribed to her YouTube for a while I love her videos as well as she comes across and a really loveable and sweet person :)
So, go check her out, if you haven't already.

Another is Mikhila over at MissBudgetBeauty!
Again I love the layout to her posts, as well as how shes communicates with the readers, plus most the things shes blogs about are affordable, and most people are able to try them out!
She also has a YouTube channel which I watch as she comes across as a really lovely lass :)

I think the final of my Top 3 has to be:
HollyArabella! I've read her blog for years, and she comes across as the most down to earth and lovely girl ever! But I love her blogs and definitely recommend checking her out, if you don't already read her posts.

Although to be honest, I recommend you check all three of them out, as they're fantastic!

So there's 8 done from the June Challenge, now on to 9, then I am all up to date. Whee!
This could be hard, as I'm like quotes, and I can relate to them, whether its someones said/made up, they're quote that you could use to relate to every aspect of your life.
But the one I'm going to use for this is, this one:-

I love this as its so true! You are only limited, to what you limit yourself too, you can do anything you want, as long as you believe in yourself! :)

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  1. I also really love Zoe, major style crush on her!

    Jayde xo