Sunday, 9 June 2013

7. If You Could Have One Superpower!

I think the superpower I would have to have if I could have any would be invisibility! You'd be able to do whatever you wanted, as well go behind the scenes on everything, as no one would know you were there.
You would literally be able to be the 'fly on the wall' and snoop on anyone you wanted, as they wouldn't know you were there as you'd be invisible! Mwhahaha!

Either invisibility would have to be one I would choose, or I would choose psychic/mind powers as I think that would be awesome! Be able to control someone without really do anything apart from using your mind. I could get the other half to hand all his money over, or at least treat me to some clothes (he thinks I have too many, I don't) or shoes!
Obviously with that power or even invisibility you would be able to use for good as well as evil I suppose. I would like to think I would use it for good, given the chance. But might be fun to use it for evil as well. But maybe that's because I'm just thinking of super hero movies, like Batman. Or any other superhero movie for that matter they all have the relatively same purpose yet I still love them, especially Batman and Iron Man, oooh and the Avengers.

Anyway before I start talking about Iron Man, Batman and the Avengers I shall finish this as I'm sure you don't want to hear me drool over the perfect specimen of a man that Robert Downey Jr is ;)

What would you choose, if you could have any superpower, tell me below?

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