Sunday, 9 June 2013

6. Three Ways To Your Heart.

Well, three ways to my heart, now does this mean, relationship type ways? or friendship? Because to be honest I think it could be either. But I'm going for relationship so here we go:

-I like cute things, whether its an object/picture that is or a simple cute text/message, anything that can make me smile, will make me happy.
- If you make the effort, texting me morning, or making the effort to fit me in, treating me to something doesn't have to be alot, I'm quite happy with some sweets or just a wander out somewhere.
- Most importantly, I have to feel that I can be comfortable around, completely be myself around you, otherwise whats the point? Be able to have a complete laugh and piss about if we're out in public or even just at home. As well as being able to talk about serious stuff as well and feeling like they're listening and understanding even if they're not. :)
I probably maybe can think of better ones but right now they seem to be the things I thought of first so they're ones I have put, and they're pretty much how the other half, was when I first met him, 5 years ago nearly :)

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