Friday, 7 June 2013

4. Something/Someone Who Makes You Happy.

So how do you link it down to something/someone who makes you happy? I suppose without really thinking about it, it is one person and only one person I know who can never fail to make me smile, even when I'm having the most down day ever, he can always bring me out of the mood, even if it's just for a second as I smile at him.
This person has been in my life for the past 5 years. He has seen me through happy times, as well as many sad times, as well as being a result of both at occasions. But through all of that, he has always been there, and someone I didn't really want to be without.
He has the ability to make me smile, even by him just being daft, winding me up to piss me off, then all he has to do it look at me in a certain way, and any anger/sadness, and I forget everything and smile/laugh at him.
He's my Other Half, my Significant Other, whatever you want to call your other half, and I hope he is for many years to come, most off all I hope he manages to become everything and all that he wants to be. As recently he's having a bit of shit luck, and it makes me sad, him being as sad as he has been. But right now he's concentrating on fixing his knee again, and hope for the best. We're encouraging each other to be healthier, and be fit. As, to be honest what do we really have to lose from us both being fit and healthy.

This was taken a few years ago now, but it is one of my favourite photos together. :)

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  1. This is such a lovely post :) my other half makes me furious, annoyed and irritated most of the time but I'm sure life would be boring without that! You two are adorable and I'm sorry hes having a hard time. At least he has you there to help him through, so hes lucky really xx

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