Sunday, 31 March 2013

What are 5 things about you?

I've recently found a few tag type posts to do, so I may post them once a week?
As a little series as I have a few.

Any way this first one is 5 things about you, I can't say it might be majorly interesting, but hope you enjoy it.

1. I'm a little bit obsessed with Hello Kitty. :)

2. I chose not to go to uni as I already had a job, I decided to go a different stay employed and try gain other jobs through my experience, although I'm still there, I am trying and actively looking for other things. I'm determined to be doing something different by the time 2014 beckons. I will succeed.

3. I'm good at pretending I'm okay to people I'm close too, putting a front on is what I do best, although sometimes it works to my advantage but sometimes, when I could do with talking to someone it doesn't work, cause I refuse to allow myself to admit I'm not okay. Even though I know theres nothing wrong with not being okay, I just don't like too. Don't get me wrong I have a couple people I am close too and do know things, but I've recently not been as close as I was. :/

4. I am obsessed with all things hair dye.

5. I love reading, whether its books, or blogs, I can read 'em all day every day. Currenty reading Nicholas Sparks - The Wedding. It's a lovely book.

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