Thursday, 7 March 2013

Instagram Monthlies #1

I decided I'd quite like my own recurring posts through my blog, so I decided on creating an instragam related post, as I tend to use that pretty heavily, cause I just can't resist ;)

As you can see, I've bought a few things, probably should put myself on a ban, evidence my hairs lasted a bit, until I turned it lilac ;).
As well as my sisters new putty tat, as sadly our Sasha had to be put down as she was well anymore :'( she was 16, and was spoilt rotten by us all, so she had a lovely life, and a long loving one at that.
Oh and I even treat you to a picture of me, about 13/14. *cringe* oh but look at how long my hair was and thats my natural hair colour if any of you were wondering, since it hasn't been that colour, in over 6/7 years. Despite that my hair is still in good condition ;)

I will be doing these monthly, this includes the back end of February and beginning few days of March, next months will be just March, then will carry on from there ;)
Hope you like, let me know? Whee! :)