Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hi ho here she goes.

Now, I've been thinking about this for a while. Do I go natural, wait for it, and stay natural. It's something I find hard. I love bright colours but at the same time I know it doesn't appeal or help me trying to get employed in a better job than just retail. Plus I know not everyone agrees/loves it as much as my current employers/manager (my manager is amazing she's a wonderful women and I love her to bits). But not everyone's as understanding or realises what difference does a persons hair colour/appearance (tattoos) make for there work ethic. I personally don't think it makes any difference but I know a lot of companies won't take you on if you have unnatural colour hair or visible tattoos.
I even recently saw a job advertisement state no visible tattoos.
Why does your employer/job have the right to tell you whether you have tattoos or not. But apparently we still live in an era where it does matter. I wish it didn't. But unfortunately it does.
But back to my point, I've been thinking of going back a natural colour to see if it helps me any. Seeing as my hair is currently green/turquoise I maybe should. I can't decide whether to go a blonde or maybe a dark brown/black. Only thing that scares me about going back dark is that it's a lot of effort to get light again,, whereas if I stay lightish it's easy to change again if I want.

This is my current colour, its a faded turquoisy green.
Give me your opinion, what you think I may suit better? Or maybe what you would do in my situation?

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