Tuesday, 12 March 2013

February Empties.

Another month gone, already in 2013, it's crazy how fast this year seems to be going already, huh? Maybe it's just me?
Anyway another month, means another few empty bottles ;)

Although admittedly a lot of these are Lush products and also shower gels ;) I just couldn't help myself, they're all from Christmas too, so they held up pretty well when they're just little bottles.

This was Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, I really liked this, I received in the tin gift set, my boyfriend bought me for Christmas, he even picked it for me (He's such a lushee really). It made my legs feel really soft and smooth, and helped my knees not be soo dry, I probably will purchase again also, if I can stop my addiction to Soap and Glory right now thats not looking likely ;)

Slammer Shower Gel, this smelt divine, also doubled up to run baths with as this bubbled up so much. One of the many reasons I love Lush products is because the smell stays on you, thats all I look and want for in a shower gel, or soap, and they definitely do that. It's smelling of exactly what you've just washed yourself with when you step out the shower/bath. Or at least I do anyway.

Now, this had Tequila in it, it smelt divine. I'm also pretty sure this is a Christmas item, so I may go crazy with this next Christmas. I'm not a 100% whether it is or not, let me know if I'm wrong? But this stuff smelt good enough to drink, (although a lot of Lush products do in all honesty ;)) I would definitely repurchase this. ;)

This stuff is divine! I love the sweet candy smell, although I was at first put off by the shimmery stuff at the bottome of the bottle, I've never became shimmery from using it, whether it's because I either pour in the bath, or put it straight on a shower scrunchie thing, I'm not sure. But I can't get enough of this stuff, I also recently bought another bottle from a blog sale. I had too. ;) So yes I'd definitely repurchase this but I know this is only Christmas so I may have withdrawl symptoms by April ;)

I decided to try this when I last had my hair lilacy blonde, I really liked it, it gave my hair brighter streaks and such. Plus the smell reminded me of Parma Violets, so really what was there not to like in all honesty ;)

I really liked this when I tried it from the Avon, when it was on offer, it made my hair lovely, soft and shiny, but unfortunately my hair hates using the same shamppoo longer than a couple of months, don't ask why I don't know but I find if I don't switch my shampoo/conditioners up every couple of months, by hair gets greasy and feels like it needs washing, on a morning and then again on a night, its horrible, yet no idea why it does. So you probably will see a lot of shampoo throughout my empties posts ;)

I loved this, my mam bought me a small bottle to try at christmas, I just recently used it up, and purchased a big bottle, its lovely, smells divine, and makes my hair lovely also seems to give my hair some body unlike other shampoos I use. :) So all in all I love this stuff. But I seem to like ALL Soap and Glory product so maybe its biased I don't know ;)

So there we go, there's my February Empties, admittedly a bit later than I planned in all honesty, but oh well. I shan't go on too much here as it is quite a large post.
Leave your comments below, I love hearing from you, and try my best to reply quickly as possible. :)

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