Friday, 8 March 2013

30 Facts About Me.

Seen a few people do these so thought I'd jump on the ol' bandwagon as well :).
I'm not very interesting so this might be boring but here we go.

1. I'm 5ft 5ish, slim, but curvy. It's annoying, my waist will fit a size 8 but my legs and hips are like, nope. It's also a reason why I don't like high waisted trousers/jeans tight everywhere else but baggy on my waist *sigh*. :)

2. I've been with my boyfriend for over 4 years. Our anniversary is 9th December :) He's a lushee.

3. I have 4 tattoos, although one is in progress. I plan more, many more.

4. I dye my hair various colours, for two reasons, 1, yes I love my hair nice and bright. 2, it helps my confidence as silly as it sounds.

5. I'm really bad at taking make up off before I go to bed. :(

This is a picture of the Mr and me probably about 4 years ago, both had long hair ;)

6. I love drawing and painting, although admittedly its something I've neglected lately. :(

7. I have really bad eating habits. :/

8. I would love various facial piercings, unfortunately I can't :(

9. I have a little addiction/obsession with Domino's Pizza. Best pizza EVER!

10. I wear heavy eyeliner most days.

My own photography from Orlando, Florida. My 18th Birthday 2008.

11. I like having my hair shaven on one side.

12. Me and my oldest best friend often joke I look more like a dyke than she does. We love each other really ;)

13. The best game I've played is Heavy Rain, along with LA Noire, and Lego games (anything Lego based I'm game ;)

14. I'm a massive Harry Potter fan. I really want to go to London to the exhibition. I don't think my boyfriend will take me though he doesn't like Harry Potter :(

15. I don't have many close friends my own age.

This is me for images for a friends project, I was up for it but I got a little self conscious. But this was one of the alright pictures taken, thats Robbie in the background, he also had a gas mask. :)

16. I love anything Hello Kitty and Domo.

17. I'm massively interested and would love to learn how to decorate and make amazing themed cakes. :)

18. I would love to move away from the UK or at least the North East.

19. I'm really bad at saving up money :(

20. I've worn glasses for over 15 years. :)

Lily the Beardie. (She's my sisters)

21. I'm really quite untidy. :/

22. One of my tattoos, is in memory of my Grandfather, AKA Grandypop by me :) Thats my swallow, I choose a swallow because he had a swallow on of his forearms. It has his dates underneath, I plan to get Granda above it at some point also. As well as slowly other tattoos creeping down to join it ;)

23. I have an iPhone 4S.

24. I'm also got a little bit of an addiction to Soap and Glory products ;)

25. I also love photography. I take pictures of everything, my boyfriend constantly takes the piss :)

This is my westie, Sam. He's a little bit spoilt ;)

26. I tend to live in skinny jeans and leggings either with flats or trainers. (I can be girlyish, sometimes ;))

27. I don't tend to wear foundation, just eyeliner and maybe a little mascara.

28. I love Adventure Time and The Regular Show. <3

29. I try to paint my nails regularly, so I can actually have nails, as I have a tendency to bit 'em if there's nothing on them :(

30. I love reading, don't read as much as I used too, but I still love to whenever I have the time too, usually when I go in the bath now, take a book and relax :)

Me when I dressed up as a punk for a friends birthday ;)

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