Tuesday, 19 February 2013

ASOS & Marc B

ASOS & Marc B

This is my entry for etailpr it's still running until Friday the 22nd so you still have a few days to enter yourself, for the chance to win £75 Marc B vouchers and £175 for ASOS.
You were required to choose a bag from Marc B's new collection, I chose the Kate black, I'm currently really lusting over this, I may have to buy it with my overtime that I've done the last few weeks ;)
After you chose the bag, you had to design an outfit to go with the bag. But the clothes had to be from ASOS. Which is absolutely awesome cause ASOS has alsorts of brands on there as well as there own brand clothes, so yay! I had a lot of fun picking my outfit.

I chose a Freak of Nature flare dress in sugar skull print, I really like the collar on it as well as the print, I'm really wishing I had it in my wardrobe.
I decided to team it up with suspender tights, short chelsea boots with a buckle, which I think are really quite cute.
For accessories I decided on a black boater hat, and a set of skull fang rings (it's a pack of about 8/10 rings I really like the black skull one and the gold cross one).

I really enjoyed doing this post, it was fun looking for clothing to go around a bag. You still have plenty time to enter for yourself, and its easy to sign up to etailpr, so why not have a go? You might even win ;)

Do you like my outfit choice? Or is there something you might change about?
Let me know I love hearing about peoples varying clothing styles.

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