Friday, 28 December 2012

Empties for December.

Original Source, British Strawberry:-
Smelt lovely, lathered lovely although the smell didn't stay on you after you got out the shower :(

Lush, Snow Fairy:-
This smells AMAZING, I love this it even doubles up so you can use it to run a bath and bubbles/froths just as well as bubble bath. This is one of the first things I've ever tried from Lush but I was definitely impressed. Since I've put in two orders to try different bath bombs. Just recently managed to pick up one of the gift sets from Christmas sale yay! But yes I recommend this if you love sweetie smelling shower gel and want the smell to stay on you for hours as it does!

Avon Argan Oil Shampoo:-
This stuff is lovely I got it to try when it was on offer for 1.80 a bottle, and it leaves my hair sososo soft and fluffy. I've since purchased the oil and conditioner. But I love Avon products since I started getting them as my sisters a Avon rep :))


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    1. it's lovely, I managed to get another bottle of it from the Lush sale :) x