Monday, 17 September 2012

A little catch up.

I fancied doing a blog post today so here it is.

My Mr's done it, he's officially in the Army, joined up as  a Chef, as he was already a Chef within the TA so it seemed a good idea to carry it on when there were jobs available for him to join sooner rather than later.

He's currently doing his basic down Pirbright. He's been away a week today. I miss him like hell, and if you follow me and twitter/tumblr you'll probably here me do alot of whinging for the next 6 weeks (til he gets his long weekend leave) then you probably won't hear from me that weekend, but my whinging will probably resume once hes gone again and I'll be starting to countdown to Passing Out Parade and him coming home for Christmas and possibly a few more weeks after that til he goes for Chef training.

We plan for me going away with him eventually, but we've got a lot of shit to try get organised first before we contemplate that..(considering we need to get married and such before he's entitled to Married Quarters :))

My Mr in his TA uniform.

My Mr and Me while out drinking :)

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  1. Aw how smart he looks in his uniform! It must be so hard being an army girlfriend- I don't think I could do it! Good luck missy and I hope the time flies until he returns xx

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