Thursday, 5 April 2012

I found a reason to change who I used to be and the reason is you.

I may should start turing this in to just how often I dye my hair haha. But yeah its another colour slightly more blue this time than purple although I did mix purple in with the blue I think the blue took over :) I'm probably going to buy more dye soon as this dye never lasts long. Think I'm going to buy some white toner too so I can have a right play around with colours. :D So I think I'll do a step by step thing if anyone interested in that? with pictures and that too as I have my camera back now ;D But, yes my hair had faded horribly and as I only had the dye which I had in the house something desperately needed doing. Heres a picture of before:
This had gone a horrible colour.. although you can't see in the photo, bits had even gone back blonde haha. Here's after:
I quite like it to be honest! It's different. Although, it will probably fade dead quickly but nevermind I shall buy hairdye in preparation this time, and remember to take pictures while/during I do it! :D

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