Thursday, 23 February 2012

Teeny weeny ASOS haul.

So for the first time and probably not the last I finally ordered from ASOS I couldn't resist when ModelOwn nail varnish was 3.50 (well certain ones!)
I got Juicy Jules and Mixed Up! They're both lush and sooo glittery!

I was also given the option of free delivery, where I will always take the option of free delivery when given it the choice :) I was mega impressed when they arrived yesterday afternoon as I didn't expect them til at least today or tomorrow considering I only ordered them Tuesday night I think! :)
Plus something I ordered last Friday still hasn't arrived yet and I paid 3.50 p+p! So ASOS have made a very impressed girlie who is more likely to order again :)

Sorry for lack of posts lately. But I have a good few lined up now I have a few days off :)


  1. I love glitter nail polish, so lovely.

    1. I do too! I love Juicy Jules its sooo glittery! :)