Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Barry M: Wink Black Marker Pen for Eyes!

This eyeliner is amazing!
I think its the best pen eyeliner I've ever had! Ive been using it basically everyday since Christmas as I got it bought for me as a present! As my mam always buys me some decent eyeliner as I go through so much.. Probably should be a sign that I need to use less but nevermind! hehe.

Its so easy to apply and use! It dead easy to get the flicks and such if you wanna add flicks on the end of your eyes!
I really recommend it!
I personally love most of Barry M's eyeliners anyway but I'd definately recommend Barry M Wink Black Marker as it's the easiest pen eyeliner I've ever used, and believe me I've tried many!
Not easy wearing as much eyeliner as I usually do haha! You go through loads! Haha.

I don't think any them I have loads of eyeliner on apart from the middle picture! :) But there we are! :) The top two were taken with my new camera which is why they look a lot better than the middle one which was one I used taken from my netbook webcam!

Oh and as I've changed my hair again.. (I know I know I really should stop dying it as much especially as it was finaly starting to grow properly again, hehe)
Heres another picture..

It's now blue with reddy purple ends! I will probably add another bright colour on underneath once its started to fade properly! But for now it shall stay as it is! woo! Hehe.


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    1. oh wow thank you!
      and yes course I will check out your blog and follow you back :)

  2. I used to use this eyeliner but to be honest, it didn´t turn out to be as good as I thought it would. It dries out pretty quick so after a couple of usages, my went all greyish and stuff, nowhere near the lovely dark black it was at the beginning.
    I swapped it for the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner and wouldn´t go back! It´s a tad more expensive but definitely worth it! xx

    1. Well I've been using mine for a month nearly now, and mine hasn't dried or went grey..
      I really like it..But I'm always up for trying new too as I use so much eyeliner anyway :) xx