Thursday, 22 December 2011

New Hair Agaaain! Woo :D

Hiya lovilies!
Dyinng my hair again, just aother crazy colour, so no bleach been used, trying my best not to bleach my hair as its finally back to a decent condition againn! As my hairdresser I go to told me crazy colours don't damage your hair, its the bleaching that you usually do, before putting one on, but my hair was already blonde woo! :D

Also, woo it's nearly christmas!! :D :D Although it doesn't feel like christmas it really doesn't so for the first time in 20 years I might be able to sleep Christmas Eve I doubt it though! I really do!
Can't wait to get my new camera woo :D (I'd expect alot more photo posts after Christmas :D) Cause I'll finally have a decent camera! :D
I also have some lush new clothes for christmas too so I may try and get a christmas day outfit post up, since I usually always get new clothes for christmas as Mam likes us to be in something new for christmas day :D I picked a top from Dorothy Perkins which is lush so I'll have to be sharing that with yous!
As well as picture of my lush Westie opening his own present as he does, he's lush.. :D
Waaah writing this post actually is making me feel more christmassy! I may wear my christmas headband for work today wooooo! hehe only 4 days, well 3 if I just count to Christmas Eve, yaya! I wish it wasn't sunny though! It should be snowning, saying that I won't be suprised if by last years snow we had enough for the next 10 years tbh! haha.

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