Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas! (and New Year)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and had lovely days with their families! Plus got everything they wanted from Santy! (Haha)

I know I had a lovely dinner and lovely day with my family! Plus my boyfriend spent his second Christmas with my family! (It was our fourth Christmas together this year! Woo, hopefully many more to come!)

I spoilt him by buying him Skyrim which he has become somewhat addicted too but oh well it keeps him happy! I also got him a Ferris Bueller tshirt and a little Mator from Cars 2 as he loves both those films! :') He also got gifts from my Parents and Sister! One being a R/C Helicopter from my Sister which he loves, although my Dog isn't a rather large fan, (you wouldn't either if you tried to sniff it while the blades were spinning round and got your nose, haha!)

I got my camera Fuijifilm Finepix S3300! Woooo! I was so excited about finally getting a decent camera! Rather than trying to deal with my iPhone 3GS camera and my netbooks webcam! Haha! So hopefully with my new camera I shall feel much more inspired to want to update this more regularly (<-- is that even right, my brains not working) I also got a iPhone docking station I've been lusting over since the summer! haha Patience did last and glad it did as I got from work when it finally when on sale wooo! :D They were my only main presents this year! I got smellies, pjs and some jeans for the rest of my presents :D I got some lovely perfume off Tommys Mam! ;D Yesterday we went visitng Tommys older brother, his girlfriend and his little man! He's gorgeous! I even got cuddles, giggles and smiles! I love him. He's into everything already bless him! :)

Me with my red hair again woo!


  1. Your christmas sounds lovely :) I also bought my boyfriend Skyrim - but now he won't get off it!!

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  2. You sound like you had a wonderful christmas! Love your hair, it really suits you!
    Have a lovely new year!

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