Thursday, 15 December 2011

Biig update! :)

waah, so sorry for lack of updates..
been so busy with work, as well as now the run up to christmas!
still not finished my christmas shopping either! :(
luckily not many people left to buy for though so yay!

Well I had my 20th birthday on 2nd December :D, I'm no longer a teenager though :(
My hair finally has some length to it yay! And it was blonde for a while, but it's back red now I got bored, it was originally was going to go back to baby pink but the dye took to long to arrive so it went red instead, so when this fades it'll probably be going back to baby pink! yayay!

I also have everything I want for christmas, yay! A new iPhone Docking station, and new Bridge camera (FuijiFilm S3300, if anyone knows what it's like I wouldn't mind any advice to what its like) and then clothes and bits of makeup (some really cool bright glittery eyeliners too wooo!)

Still had no luck in finding a new full time job so still working where I already am for now! Hopefully I find something within the new year, hopefully :D

Red hair is back and length, about time it started growing properly.. shame now its getting long I want it short again D: fml.

Hair when it was blonde although it is quite dark in my room when the picture was took, and its shitty webcam quality! :(

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