Tuesday, 20 September 2011

wake me up when september ends.

Don't ya just love your boyfriend repeatedly calling you a faggot for the music you listen too.. and calling you a tart for the clothes you buy and want wear (not the type, simply for buying clothes and make up) *sigh* wish he'd behave the nub. Anyway i've currently been rekindling a love with Green Day.. My former 12/13 year old was obsessed with those guys, I mean fucking obsessed! Billie Joe and Tre Cool = om nom nom! haha. I'm hoping to hear from a job soon I really need something to do Mon - Fri it's depressing me constantly being in the house, I mean this week isnt being to bad as I'm at work Wednesday.. but pfft it's still poo. Weekends drag to get hear and then when they do come they're over so so so so quickly baaaah. :( Anyway I shan't stay and whine on too much. :) Ciao!

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