Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sorry for lack of posts!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to do many new blog post this past few weeks, as either been super busy with work, and then my boyfriend managed to completely break my netbook, so I can now only get online really with my mams netbook when she allows me to use it. :)

Which she is now. :) Although as I did her and my dad a favour yesterday I may be allowed her net book a lot more now, yayay!
I should be getting mine fixed hopefully, just need to ring someone and find out the crack.

I also apolygise again for barely any beauty posts and such. I do have many lined up I may crack on with them and write them up tonight. wheey I'll be organised for once in my life :D

I have been trying to find another job, not because I've lost my current job, but as I am no longer attending college due to my disappointing results in August, I decided going back to do the 1 a2 and 2 new AS's wasn't an option I wanted to take.. as I didn't want to be going back to college for yet another year..
I have been trying to get myself on to a apprenticeship so I can learn while earning at the same time which would also ensure be being able to carry on with my current weekend job cause I don't want to leave there, them lot are my second family or at least my family that gives a shit. :') But I love them nonetheless, and will be trying to work there longer, unless I find a very much better well paid job which requires me to work full time and include weekends. :)

Hopefully the jobs I have applied for today will get back to me, and I will manage to get to do something, cause staying in Mon - Fri (maybe an extra shift at work) is driving me fucking insane I hate being in the house ALL the time.. :)
But wish me luck everyone!
Hopefully I manage to get somewhere soon! Be awesome to get one in the next few weeks so I can spoil people at Christmas. :D

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