Thursday, 22 September 2011

Polyvore : Topshop wants!

wants topshop

Body con dress
$120 -

Stripe pants
$76 -

Knitted Textured Jumper
$72 -

High rise pants
$66 -

Mesh legging
$50 -

Flocked Dog Dress By Unique**
$160 -

I apolygise its in dollars, something went on with polyvore and mucked up, but you can find them on the UK site as thats where I polyvore'd them from ;D



  1. These are gorgeous, i especially love the knitted textured jumper it would be perfect for autumn! :) xx

  2. I spotted the gorgeous dog dress a few weeks back. it's beautiful! And waiting for money, so i can purchase and style it up! Also the knit is a gorgeous colour too! x