Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Builders and such.

Today, I have the joys of our fireplace get replaced and our combi boiler and such.. So if see me moaning on twitter or anything, its just because I have far too may people in my house, and me not knowing where to put myself for the better..

Although at first I thought I was going to have to survive with only my phone but they all came downtairs so I quickly ran up and got my netbook charger.. hurrah!

I probably won't be able to do my review properly til later when they've gone.. They arrived at 7.30am D: I had to get up at 6.30.. the banging is not going well for my head and my mental state considering I wasn't even properly awake when I had to wake up D:

Oh, there my boiler just gone.. think we may have to definately decorate after they've gone.. Urghhhh.
I don't think I've been happier to be going to work tomorrow mind. :)


  1. Oh no, I hate having builders in! The house next to us is being demolished and rebuilt so for 5 months we've had builders all over the place and jackhammers in our walls! Not nice at 6am! Plus we cant go onto our balcony as they all just sit and stare onto it!

    Hope they finish up soon and you get your house to yourself again hun! xx

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  2. Wow boilers is such a strange concept to me. No one in Australia has a boiler at all :o