Thursday, 11 August 2011

This Last Week + Pictures :)

So, I haven't really been up to much apart from work, and seeing the Mr.
Plus haven't really had any money :(
But this Friday I have a really biiig pay, hurrah :D going to try make it last a few week though, so my money can build up a bit, so I can get to the point where I can just spend little bits here and there, rather than spending it all in one go :)
Or atleast thats my plan.. not sure how well that'll play out hahaha.

Oh and my new tattoo is basically healed, no more hurty hurty! And bruises are starting to go away now, with thanks to Bepanthen and E45..

Hopefully be able to book in soon, for it to be coloured.. (ignore me posing haha, I couldn't resist ;))
But I really really love my tattoo! I think the next place I'm getting tattooed is my leg ;) At any rate I'm going with tattoos I'll end up covered. Huzzah! ;)
Oh if anyone wonders where I got my tattoo at, it was Black Rose at Spennymoor :) Richy's awesome :)

I also like certain scarification pieces but I don't think I'd ever ever ever dare. Haha (I'm really a big giant wuss haha)

An example of a piece I really really love. Which was done by Kim who is a really lovely women and dead canny and would do anything to help you with piercing/tattoo and body mods!
I suggest you add/like her on facebook Skin Seamtress, Kim's likey page :) gogogo! and likeylikey! :)

I may now just spam you with pictures of my cat and doggy :) haha (not of them together unfortunately as they hatehate each other or atleast the cat hates the dog).

Sammy :)

Sashyyy :)

The lines down from where I live :') <3

Rainy days view from my window ;)
Suprised my iPhone picked up the rain tbh :)

Oh, as extra I'm also taking part in 'Blogs in Bloom' over at Beauty's Bad Habits :)
Go check out her blog, I love it! :)
Watch out for my post too ;)
Lily's blog - Beauty's Bad Habits

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