Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I won't say I'm love :3

I've been re watching a load of Disney films this last week and have completely re fell in love with Hercules hence the title!

I thought I'd show off my Mr. :)
3 years nearly in Dec which probably won't take long to get there considering how fast this year have bloody flew over!

This is one of the first fwe pictures I took of him, much to his distaste as he hates his photography taken. (grumpy get!)
But its also one of the few that he's smiling in too. I love his smile! I fell in love with it!
But this is my very handsome man!! :') Or atleast I think so :)
He basically lives with me at my parents house nowadays. I shan't dwell in to why or how.. but he does and I love it :D

He also currently within the TA. :) Hopefully thats where he stays for the next few years.. while finishing college and then to Uni.. as I don't want him quite yet to join full time in the Armed Forces.. And I want him to follow his dream of joining as an Officer :)

and hopefully I managed to accomplish my dream of working within the Prison Service :) whether its just normal prison service or as a chartered psychologist within the Prison :D

Kinda all lies on within results tomorrow! D: D: D: D: D: D:
wish me luck. I probably do need it!

Ciao! :3


  1. Good luck with your results and congratulations for getting a smiling picture and for being together so long :) xx

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  2. aww thank you, I have followed your blog, its awesome :D

    I just hope I've managed to do well. :) x