Monday, 25 July 2011

Would anybody be interested?

Would anybody be interested in buying my leather jacket?
Its 1980s vintage leather biker jacket?
May around 70£ and 5£ p+p as its rather heavy..
Its also size L I'd say its more of a 14-16 as its massive on me and I vary from an 8 - 10.

I also have a pair of black DrMartens 12 holes I think the mid calf ones with green laces :)
They've barely been worn so again around the 70£ mark but around 5£ p+p.
These are size 7s.

Lastly I have a pair of Gumbie ozpardilles shoes, size 6. They've been worn once! But I'm going to have to admit they are slightly too small :(
I only want a 10£ in p+p as I got them dead cheap anyway! :)

I'll upload pictures if I can get decent light :)
Message me on here or on my email

I'm open to offer.
Also, if you know anyone who would like a jacket or gumbies or DrMartens lead them to meee! As I could really do with the money! ;D

Everything is in really good condition!

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